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Appraisals, Arbitrations and Mediations

Scope and cost of property damage repairs have been the subject of dispute from the beginning of time. Because of our history with scoping, costing, managing and auditing property repairs, Amherst is uniquely qualified to serve as an appraiser, an arbitrator, an umpire and/or as a mediator. In some cases this process is dictated by the terms of an insurance policy and in others this process simply offers a less costly path to resolution than litigation. Amherst is a perfect choice where the dispute is technically driven. We are equally comfortable working for either side and believe our findings would be the same either way. A specific strength is Amherst's knowledge of the statutes, case law and rules governing these three different resolution paths as they are very different and can impact the outcome. Because of this, Amherst has never been a party to an Appraisal or Arbitration where the decision has been overturned. Amherst has been involved in hundreds of these resolutions representing one side or the other, or as the umpire or as an expert witness.

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